12 Toy Wishes for Kids with Special Needs

Holiday times are filled with searching for the perfect toys that will be cherished by kids of all ages and abilities. Children with special needs, language delays and other unique learning challenges can be extra challenging to shop for, since it’s possible they aren’t always able to articulate the specific types of toys you can easily head out to a store and quickly purchase for the right price.

I’ve worked with children with special needs for 15 years, and certainly popular toys are always a hit, here are 12 toy wishes children may enjoy that you might not have originally thought of!

Toys for kids with Special Needs

1. Kinetic Sand with Beach Stamps

Kinetic Sand is a calming, sensory activity unlike any other. The sand is soft, pliable and one of the most requested toys and enjoyed toys with children with special needs. Pair it up with beach stamps and other sand molds. Kinetic Sand is easily removed from the mold and will take on the shapes and details of the mold perfectly. While it can leave a slight mess behind it will never dry out and is easy to clean up.

2. OgoBild Nexus

OgoBild Nexus is a fine motor activity where children can create their own structures and people. No rules, no boundaries, they can just creatively build people, martians, vehicles or anything they can imagine.

3. My Tent with Zippered Mesh Front

Many kids love a quiet, cozy space if they are overwhelmed during holiday chaos or as a retreat if they are overstimulated. A tent is a perfect toy to set up indoors. Fill it with a bean bag chair, books or a technology device and it may become a safe, quiet place where children can relax and regroup.

4. Boogie Board

For some children, the sight of pencil and paper reminds them of the challenge of writing sentences, spelling and forming letters. A Boogie Board is a great toy that kids are often so intrigued by the technology, they will innately pick up a pen and begin to write messages, doodle, and draw pictures without wasting paper.

5. LEGO Junior Sets

Building with LEGO’s is not only a fine motor experience that involves coordination, but the need to follow challenging printed directions can often lead to frustration and cries for help. LEGO Juniors sets feature standard sized construction bricks and characters that children love, like Disney Princesses, Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Also included in these sets are larger modular pieces and simplified, step-by-step instructions, where children can have a more successful and rewarding building experience.

6. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

This moldable, pliable putty is not only great to build hand strength, but it comes in different colors as well as glow-in-the-dark, heat sensitive color changing, and magnetic varieties. Kids will love participating in a treasure hunt by finding small items like pegs or coins that can be hidden inside the putty.

7. Peanut Ball

Lots of kids love to move, have a lot of energy and crave activity in order to pay attention and learn. During inclement weather, it can be a challenge for children to engage in the same outdoor experiences they enjoy. A peanut ball allows kids to bounce and move indoors while engaging in physical activity.

8. Zoomer Dino

One thing children in general crave a lot of is control. Zoomer Dino is an interactive robotic pet that will react and respond to tricks a child can teach it using hand motions or a controller.The more he’s played with the more his unique personality will evolve, including prehistoric burps and farts!

9. Easy to Draw Books and Big Art Set

A blank canvas and drawing pictures with proportion and size is not easy for everyone. However, give children a model of what to draw, and a few step-by-step instructions and they will relish in their success with a project that looks recognizable. Pair a drawing book with a large art set where kids can experiment with coloring, markers, colored pencils and pastels.

10. Rory’s Story Cubes

This travel size game doesn’t require reading and is great family fun for all ages. Players work together to roll the dice and create stories and silly sentences with the pictures as guidance.

11. Sew Cool

Do your kids love to create but the thought of needles, thread, scissors and a sewing machine make you cringe? Sew Cool is a threadless sewing machine where children can follow templates and use pre-cut items to “sew” and stuff, creating multiple projects for themselves or to gift to friends and family.

12. Kindle Fire

Technology toys are extremely motivating and well-loved by kids. Certainly parents often monitor the type and amount of media their children consume, but not only is a tablet a great way for kids to watch movies and play their favorite apps on-the-go, but  earning time with their tablet can serve as a fun reward and intense motivator to persistent with challenges throughout the day.

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Kids’ Top Toy Picks 2014: Most Wished-for Outdoor Toys

Kids’ Top Toy Picks for Outdoor Toys are all about fun active, outdoor play!   This year cwist kids did a ton of work to earn this list of favorite outdoor toy wishes on cwist.com.  They learned, exercised and helped others to earn everything on this awesome list of outdoor toy wishes from the CWIST Wish Engine.  Here’s their list of favorite wishes in the Outdoor Toy category for 2014.

Top Toys picked by kids 2014


Top Toy Picks 2014 for Outdoor Toys:

  1. *Spooner Board –Even kids that have never surfed or ridden a skateboard can enjoy the revolutionary Spooner Board.  The Spooner is an extremely durable, innovative board designed to allow kids (and grown-ups) to replicate the moves of popular board sports on any type of surface—even indoors. Even better, Spooners are also fun to ride in the snow!
  2. Wilderness Telescope + Compass – It’s so exciting for kids to see far-away objects up close! This easy-to-carry telescope for kids invites children to explore the great outdoors and their own neighborhoods. Seeing the moon or a nesting bird in a tree helps kids gain an appreciation for the the natural world. The telescope magnifies up to 10 times the normal size, 10 x 25.
  3. Xylo Air Rider - An amazing flyer that is easy to throw and catch in many different ways. The X-Zylo is made with a colorful and durable ripstop nylon and can achieve flights over 150 feet!
  4. Smakaball – Three quick steps and your ball and catchers are ready to go. Simply hold the catcher with one hand and smack the ball. To catch, either let it land on the catcher or swipe it from the air. Play anywhere-make your own rules- enjoy the game! For ages 6 yrs-adult.
  5. Chicago Retro Skateboards – Take it back to the old days with the Chicago Retro Skateboard.  Don’t let your kids show you up-teach them your old moves on the single kick-tail board design. The heavy duty, high impact skateboard deck can withstand tricks from the young and not so young. So go on, get outside and play with your kids. For ages 5 years and up.
  6. Flight Pogo Stick – Reach new heights with the Flight Pogo Stick. It’s hydro-formed steel shell and industrial strength springs guarantee a smoother ride while the replaceable sphere tip gives you a higher and more controlled bounce. Perfect for tricks and stalls! For ages 9 years and up.
  7. Cutie Cat Pink Kitty Helmet –  Be cute and be safe with a Raskullz helmet. The Raskullz team designs kids’ bike helmets to protect the head and inspire the imagination.
  8. *2-in-1 Sports Trainer – Help your future MVP develop throwing accuracy with the 2-in-1 Sports Trainer!  This inflatable trainer features a football player on one side and a baseball player on the other side.  Kids can practice throwing the included football and baseball through the hole in the center.
  9. * Ready, Set, Stilts – Walk a little taller with Ready, Set, Stilts!  Perfect for outdoor or indoor activity,  stilts are adjustable for varying heights and are designed to let kids gradually learn to walk and balance on stilts.
  10. Hide and Seek Geocache – Have an outdoor family adventure and go geocaching! Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS. A geocache is a small container holding a logbook and trinket stashed in outdoor places, such as a under a bush, park bench or inside a log.
  11. Jungle Gym Set – This Jungle Gym Set will be a favorite of kids everywhere.  Its easy assembly makes sure you get to the fun, faster.  Pieces lock with a special self lock double spring system.  Holds up to 150 pounds.
  12. Disc Master Disc Golf Set - The Disc Master Disc Golf Set is a great introduction to the game!  Use the flags to mark your disc golf course and aim the flying discs for the disc pole basket.  Move the basket with you on your course.


*All items marked with an * can be purchased through partners imaginetoys.com.  With every purchase from the imaginetoys KaBOOM! Go Out and Play Collection, you are helping support the national non-profit KaBOOM! ensure that all children get the play they need to become healthy, successful adults.

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Top Toy Picks 2014: Most Wished for Dolls & Imaginative Toys on CWIST

When it comes to the Top Toy picks in the dolls and imaginative toy zone, it’s the kids who are really the ones who know what to wish for, earn and play with.  Our list of kids picks on the cwist Wish Engine in this category comes right from the kids who chose these items all year as goal-setting achievements.   Kids completed learning, active and service challenges to earn these great dolls and imaginative toy products.  Together, with their parents and caregivers, they chose them to celebrate their accomplishments all year long!

Kids Toy Picks 2014: Imaginative Toys and Dolls

Here you’ll find direct links to the wonderful dolls and imaginative toys our our Kids’ Pick List that come right from the cwist.com.  You can also have your child add these items to the Wish Engine by CWIST and email it to your email account.

  1. Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll Inspired by the hit new Disney animated film, FrozeGirls will love reenacting their favorite scenes from the movie.  Elsa sparkles in an ethereal gown. Features a gorgeous light blue gown with sparkles and sheer white overcoat.
  2. Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll – Also inspired by the hit new Disney animated film, Frozen,  Anna is a free-spirited daydreamer determined to save her kingdom.  Her elaborate gown features a rich, multi-colored bodice decorated with vibrant pink swirls, sparkles and flowers.
  3. Calico Critters Master Bathroom – Kids will love washing and drying the fur of the Calico Critters™ animal families in this cute master bathroom. The doll house sized bathtub will make bath time fun and the realistic looking sink makes teeth brushing a breeze.
  4. Classics Horse Barn by Breyer – Horses will want to hoof it home to this charming Breyer® horse barn. It’s the perfect place for Breyer® Classics™ horses to rest after a long day of fun.
  5. Home Sweet Tent -  Personalize this simple tent with a child’s name or a word spelled out on a custom letter banner. The clean design is ideal for vivid imaginative play. While you’re in-store at imaginetoys, click on the “cwist for it tab” to find a fun learning challenge to play inside the tent!
  6. Rush & Rescue Fire Pumper Truck -  Future firefighters will love arriving at the scene with the Rush & Rescue Pumper Fire Truck.  When they see flashing lights and sirens, the other toy cars are sure to pull over!
  7. Bosch Tool Shop -  This Bosch Fold Up Tool Shop looks just like Dad’s tool kit.  Your child will love helping with fixer-upper projects around the house with these child-size tools.
  8. Perfect Manicure - Your young fashionista can personalize her manicure to really make a statement with the help of Perfect Manicure! This nail kit is perfect for any diva.
  9. It’s My Biz Cup-Cakery – Inspire future entrepreneurs with the It’s My Biz Cup-Cakery! This business kit will not only have girls baking up a storm but will teach them how to sell their delicious treats.
  10. Roominate Chateau -  Roominate Chateau gets girls (and boys!) excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as they design and engineer their own chateau.  They can build one big structure or multiple creations at once.
  11. Pirate Den Chateau – Little pirates will love having the Pirate Den Playhouse!  Perfect for outdoor or indoor play, this tent is easy to assemble and includes carrying case.
  12. 6-in-1 Dyna City Play Set – Let your child have fun engineering and building a city of their own. Roads and bridges connect different parts of this busy little city.


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Top Toy Picks 2014: Kids’ Most Wished-for Building & Construction Sets

We’ve got a list of great toy picks for your young building and construction lover — picked by kids!  And we KNOW kids love these toys because they pick them as items to EARN in the Wish Engine on cwist.com.  So not only do they want them, they’re willing to put a little elbow grease toward getting them!

Here are cwist kids’ favorite and most wished-for Building & Construction sets for 2014!

Top Picks for Building and Construction Toys


  1. Blue Suitcase by Lego – Take the world of creative building everywhere with the LEGO Blue Suitcase! Get building with a fun and iconic gas station theme!
  2. LEGO Movie 70810 Metal Beard’s Sea Cow -  Shiver me timbers, the Micro Managers are approaching our heroes and MetalBeard aboard his wacky Sea Cow ship. Climb the mast to keep a look-out with this LEGO Movie inspired set!
  3. Smithsonian Motor Works –  Build a real working battery powered 4-cylinder model engine with real lights and sound.
  4. YoMod – YoYo Engineering Kit - Interested in the physics behind the yo-yo? Now players can build their own yo-yo’s to perform the way they want. Each Yomega Yo-Mod yo-yo includes interchangeable parts to customize performance.
  5. GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit - Goldie’s Diary of Inventions (included in the Builder’s Survival Kit), offers kids a wide-eyed perspective of Goldie’s world, her friends and family, and all of her secret inventions.
  6. Squigz Deluxe Kit – With the Squigz Deluxe Kit, you get much more fun! Kids can stack and build with these squishy pieces. With 50 pieces in 8 different shapes, it’s fun for the whole family.
  7. Design Your Own Block Puzzle – Turn your children into amazing puzzle designers with this terrific set! Kids can design and paint six different images (one on each face of the block), making a total of six puzzles.
  8. K’NEX 35 Model Ultimate Building Set – With simple instructions/ideas for creating 35 Knex creations, kids will be busy building in no time flat.
  9. Magnaformers Rainbow Set - Magnetic construction sets are a fun and educational way to build lots of creative structures.  And while you’re shopping at imaginetoys, check out the “cwist for it” tab for a fun learning game about the science of magnets!
  10. Robotic Arm - Get into hands-on building fun and discover the excitement behind robotics technology with the Edge Robotic Arm.
  11. Reptangles - A highly evolved construction toy, Reptangles are a perfect fit for building intelligent imaginations! Because of their reptilian resemblance, children are immediately drawn to this building toy system.
  12. Erector Set Special Edition Set – Erector build & play toys have been challenging builders of all ages – Inspiring creativity, observation, deductive reasoning, logical thinking, principles of mechanics, physics, problem solving, and more.
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Kids CWIST for Kids, Holiday Giving Returns on #GivingTuesday

Our Holiday Giving campaign, Kids CWIST for Kids, returns this year to help parents and kids make the holidays a little brighter for less fortunate families by empowering kids to earn toys for kids in need.

Visit cwist.com/holidaygiving to select a child in need.  Assign your child a learning challenge to earn a gift for the child in need. Once the CWIST is successfully completed, the toy will be delivered, along with a message of holiday cheer making the holiday giving experience completely wonderful for all!

The kids we’re supporting this year are living in homeless shelters this holiday giving season. Your child can make their special day bright by earning a toy from our Wish Engine.

To kick off this year’s campaign, cwist is donating the first $2000 in toys earned by your kids!

holiday giving for kids

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Top Toy Picks 2014: Most Wished-for STEM Toys on CWIST

Toys kids picked to earn this year on cwist for STEM learning play – science, technology, engineering and math games, toys and sets.  

Kids choose “Wishes” all year long on cwist.com when they’re looking for great things to earn.  And one category they tell us is they love a lot is STEM toys, sets and games — and they earned LOTS of them this year!

STEM toys kids picks 2014

Here is a our gift guide made from what kids told us all year they’d work hard to earn on cwist.com.  The Kids’ Wish List 2014 for toys that teach science, math, engineering and technology (STEM) is below to help you with your holiday shopping.  Many of these toys are award-winners for sure, but we know they are winners with kids who put the time and effort in to receive them as rewards.

  1. Green Laser Pointer – The housing of the laser pointer is made of brass with a handsome silver finish, recessed power button and pocket clip. It comes with a black magnetic closure snap-case and a 90-day manufacturer warranty.
  2. Computerized Telescope – This Celestron telescope features proven NexStar technology that provides a database for automatic slewing (GoTo) and tracking.
  3. Break Open Real Geodes – The geodes in this kit are millions of years old and were formed when prehistoric volcanoes erupted.Break open your own geodes and discover the incredible crystal treasure hidden inside!
  4. Solar Transformers – The T4 Transforming Solar Robot. (T4) features amazing multiple transformations and is equipped with large enough parts so younger child can be included in partaking in some high quality robot fun. T4 is completely solar-powered so you never need to buy batteries.
  5. Smithsonian Motor Works -Build a real working battery powered 4-cylinder model engine with real lights and sound. Watch the spark plugs fire and the valves open and close. See how the pistons fire and watch the belts and fan turn.
  6. Air Swimmers Remote Controlled Flying Shark – A shark that actually flies through the air via remote control? Yes! This amazing remote controlled shark’s Mylar balloon body is easily filled with helium at any party supply, florist or grocery store that sells helium balloons.
  7. Air Glider 60 – The Airglider 60 offers a great potential for experiments, for example, you can fly a curve by turning the wing; and the center of gravity can be altered by adding or removing ballast. The Airglider 60 also provides FUN!
  8. Amazing Weather Ball – The earliest barometers were simple glass bulbs with a spout that helped ancient seaman predict storms like this one! Water moving up the spout means low pressure with potentially stormy conditions, while high pressure pushes the water down to the bottom of the spout.  Kids will love this very cool way to track the weather!
  9. The Amazing Two Potato Clock – The Two Potato Clock allows you to generate enough electricity to run a digital clock – using potatoes!
  10. The Chaos Tower - Kids can create their own Rube Goldberg style machine with this truly inventive and innovative building kit!
  11. Verti-Car R/C - This slick R/C vehicle handles like a car and flies like a helicopter. The VertiCar can motor around the ground at breakneck speeds only to burst into helicopter driven flight at the flip of a switch.
  12. X-Zylo Air Rider – An amazing flyer that is easy to throw and catch in many different ways. The X-Zylo is made with a colorful and durable ripstop nylon and can achieve flights over 150 feet!
  13. Big Bag of Science - Go crazy with science. Impress friends and expand your kid’s mind.  Over 70 experiments ensure the excitement never ends and your brain is filled with new and interesting science.
  14. Moon Scape - Successful moon-mapping – A big leap for THINKING-kind!  Your kids will love the feel of this dynamic, crater-covered moon in their hands.
  15. K’NEX Ultimate Building Set – Building and FUN, K’NEX snaps it all together. Trucks, planes, creatures, robots… this is the just the beginning.
  16. Air Bolt Missile – Have some sky high fun playing outdoors! Use these missiles with the Air Bolt Rocket Launcher (sold separately) and the fun never stops!
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Top Toy Picks 2014: Most Wished-for Arts & Crafts Toys

You asked us for ideas, so were sharing Top Toy Picks 2014 by Kids on cwist!  Throughout the holiday shopping season we’ll be sharing Most Wished-for Toy lists to help you with your holiday shopping.

Here are cwist kids’ favorite Arts & Crafts Toys for 2014.  This is best list ever of holiday toy gift picks because they were chosen by kids who wanted to learn something to earn them this year.


Direct from the cwist Wish Engine, here are kids’ toy picks for 2014 in the Arts & Crafts Category:

Buy these items by clicking the links below:

  1. Color a Backpack Cutie - Color a backpack, color a friend! Heart glasses, floral shirt, two pockets, lollipop, hat with bow, this cute creature winks an encouraging gaze. Black and white backpack front doesn’t stay black and white for long. Five permanent markers are bright creativity.
  2. Chalk Trail – We LOVE this.  Hook the Chalktrail® to a bike in a heartbeat. Then, get riding! Draw figure eights, wavy meandering paths, perfect circles, and fascinating designs by retracing the same route again and again in succession. It’s freshly invigorating, beautiful play.
  3. Anywhere Art Studio – The conveniently sized studio features a blackboard on one side and dry erase whiteboard board on the other. A magnetic surface is a sure attraction. Just use the colorful magnetic block to keep your paper and activities securely in place.
  4. Mosaic Magnets - Magnetic Mosaics Kids is an easy way for kids to create mosaic art.
  5. Digital Light Designer- Young techie artists will be enthralled for hours! Draw with technology at your fingertips.  Use the stylus to draw on the dome – it responds to the touch and will display up to seven colors to use in designing.
  6. Spirograph Deluxe Set – A classic.  Just like when you were a kid, Spirograph is still fun, inspiring and easy to use!  Your kids will love the Spirograph Deluxe Set as much as you did!
  7. All Duct Out by ALEX Toys – Wow! Duct tape fashions! Just tear, stick and wear! Make belts, jewelry, headbands, glasses, a purse and more.
  8. The Cootie Catcher – Klutz takes the fortune teller to a higher level with this all-new version of our classic
  9. GoldieBlox Zipline – For the first time ever, Goldie comes to life as an action figure! More than just a doll, her articulated shoulders, hips, knees and joints along with specially designed hands and feet are designed for action.
  10. Fabric Sun Photo Kit – Kids paint with sunshine in this engaging sun-print art set for kids ages 6 and older. The art kit contains everything needed to make nine sun prints, all packed neatly in a canister, so there’s enough to share with friends.
  11. Fractiles – 7 –  Award winning magnetic tiling toy allows you to create an infinite variety of beautiful designs.
  12. Goldie Blox and the Movie Machine – This fun twist on Goldie Blox teaches kids how to make their own movies. A story + construction kit—Goldie and her gang of friends team up to invent a solution and save the Bloxtown Film Festival from being canceled.
  13. Pottery Studio by ALEX - Kids can have fun throwing pottery and making gifts with this children’s pottery wheel.
  14. Trifold Easel Set – Let your child’s creativity and imagination flow with this 179 piece art set. This all-in-one set includes a double-sided easel to make painting and drawing easier.
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Make a Wish List on The Wish Engine by CWIST

This holiday season we are so pleased to share our new wish list maker for kids called The Wish Engine by CWIST!  This new feature is designed for kids so they can create wish lists of the toys they would like to work hard to earn.  The Wish Engine is the ‘machine’ inside CWIST that makes it possible for parents and kids to set up a plan to earn the toys they choose there.  For holiday, kids can also create traditional wish lists and share the items they’d like as gifts with parents and grandparents alike.

We’re excited about this new chance for kids to get involved in the “learning to earn” process, and to provide you with a fun new tool for making wish lists for the holidays.  Check it out today by clicking on the image below!


A free wish list maker for kids!

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Kids Learn Spanish Fast by Playing With It!

Scientific studies show that learning a foreign language, such as Spanish, can enhance a child’s cognitive development and overall learning ability. There are many reasons to promote educational opportunities for kids to learn Spanish. At CWIST, our number one reason to encourage children to learn Spanish is simple. Learning Spanish is fun and beneficial! Make learning fun with Spanish-themed challenges on www.cwist.com. Here are some of our favorite, free games to help kids practice Spanish, no matter how much experience they’ve had with the language:

Habla Espanol?

  • Starting Spanish Part 1 & Part 2- Hola, como estas? Assign these two educational opportunities for kids to assess where they are in their Spanish learning journey. These fun challenges make learning fun with Spanish multiple choice questions. This is a great place to start.
  • My Stuff in Español- It is much easier to learn a language within a context and with repetition. Learning games for kids are much more effective when they are enjoyable to play. This challenge is a mix of all of the right ingredients. All you’ll need are some strips of paper, markers, and tape to get started.
  • Funny Phrases in Español!- Fun games for kids also require two other important ingredients — imagination and a sense of humor. This is one of our favorite free games for kids to practice Spanish with the whole family. Your child will use an online English-Spanish translator to create funny phrases in Spanish. Then challenge your entire family to create a funny meaning and guess the real meaning of the Spanish sentence. Get ready to laugh while your child refines her Spanish skills.
  • Speaking in Tongues- This popular challenge is another one of our fun games for kids to practice Spanish with CWIST. By the end of this CWIST challenge, your home will be a classroom at every turn. Look forward to having pieces of paper with Spanish vocabulary taped on your television, furniture, food, and more.

It’s so important to encourage your child’s love for learning languages at a young age. These free games for kids to practice Spanish will keep Spanish words fresh on your child’s mind at home. If you have your own ideas of how to make learning fun with Spanish, then consider putting your CWISTMAKER skills to the test. Contribute to CWIST by creating your own challenge or Spanish-themed WISH to share with other parents. See how much fun your child can have learning Spanish with www.cwist.com!

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Help the Kids Learn to Organize this Fall

As temperatures continue to drop, we invariably find ourselves spending increased hours indoors, especially in our own homes.  Though spring months are often associated with a yearly cleaning, fall is also a great time to do a little tidying up when it feels too chilly or dark to fully enjoy the outdoors. Focusing on cleanliness and organization now is an excellent way to prepare for spending more time inside later. With practice and patience, anyone can learn to become more organized. These CWIST Challenges are all indoor activities for kids with a specific focus on organizational skills.

A room is completely messed up and left in chaos. All logos are removed.

  1. Spring cleaning any time! From birthdays to holidays to special occasions in between, kids collect clothes and toys and other sundry gifts quite easily. Before too long, your kids’ closets are overflowing and toy chests are packed full. This activity is all about less clutter, concentrating on getting rid of those belongings no longer being used. The items can be divided into two essential categories – those which will stay, and those which will go. From there, a conversation can start about whether those things will go to a younger sibling, a neighbor, a donation center, or even added to a yard sale. The possibilities are endless, and so is the good that can be done by sharing these once cherished possessions!
  2. Get organized book shelves! Similar to the previous project, this begins by gathering together all of the books from around the house and then choosing which to keep and which to let go of. These books may not be of interest any longer or have undergone damage, but whatever the reason, they have the potential to be recycled or donated. You can then teach your children how to organize the books they want to keep. Will these books be separated by their subject matter or reading level? Will they be alphabetized by author or by title? The most important thing to keep in mind is what will be best system for locating a specific story later on.
  3. Time to learn laundry! It seems like it only takes a short amount of time for a large heap of laundry to accumulate. Learning how to do laundry is a lifelong skill that kids will be grateful for – if not initially, definitely down the road. As is true for all Cwist suggestions, this lesson is recommended for a specific age level, and this laundry activity is intended for older children, different than most other activities. Still, even children younger than nine may benefit from knowing the basics of sorting darks from lights and delicates from heavier items. Plus, they may also be able to help with the folding once everything is clean. What is better than a chore that doubles as a Cwist and also earns Wishes?

Hopefully these Challenges will make life easier, providing a cleaner and more comfortable living space for the whole family. Take advantage of fall as an optimal season to get organized. You and your family can really enjoy spending ample amounts of time in your home during the colder months because the environment around you is free of clutter!

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